San Francisco Police Department | SVU

Our Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) is part of a multidisciplinary collaboration working to minimize the trauma that San Francisco’s victims of domestic violence experience as a result of abuse.  La Casa’s DVRT staff work closely with the San Francisco Police Department’s Special Victims Unit, the section of police inspectors, previously known as the Domestic Violence Response Unit, assigned to investigate reports of domestic violence.  La Casa offers voluntary services to victims of domestic violence alongside the Unit at 850 Bryant—San Francisco’s Hall of Justice—and is available to assist inspectors and victims as they navigate the law enforcement system.

La Casa also reaches out to all reported victims in San Francisco to immediately provide them with crisis support services, and connects survivors with La Casa’s Drop In Center and community partners for needed interventions.  Finally, La Casa’s DVRT supports first responders citywide, around the clock, in their work with victims.  Through our 24-hour crisis lines, La Casa assists medical and law enforcement personnel in identifying victims’ needs, encouraging their safety, and facilitating access to support services.

This unique partnership enables us to connect with survivors who are often otherwise unaware of the life-saving services available to them, and who accept services through La Casa over 70% of the time.  Also through this partnership, we offer training, education, and resources to law enforcement, medical providers, and other professionals regarding the community resources available to survivors, the dynamics of domestic violence, and the compassionate identification of and response to domestic violence.