Gifts of Appreciated Stock

We accept gifts of appreciated stock

Consider gifting donated shares of both publicly and privately held corporations, stock options and shares of mutual funds to La Casa.

To make a stock gift, please notify your broker that you wish to transfer securities into La Casa’s brokerage account at Union Bank. You will need to give your broker the following information:

Account Manager: Brian Batt

Direct Line: (415) 705-7186

Toll Free Number: (800) 634-1100


FBO: La Casa de las Madres/UnionBank Investment Services

Account Number: 0BP-769372

DTC Clearing: 0226

EIN: 94-2330864

Ready to donate?


Please notify La Casa when you instruct your broker to transfer securities into our Union Bank brokerage account.

In order for us to properly receive the gifted shares and to provide an accurate acknowledgement for your tax records, please send us the following information:

  • Donor Name

  • Type and number of shares being transferred

  • Name and phone number of the donor’s broker

Please address all notifications to:

  • Kathy Black, Executive Director

    1269 Howard Street

    San Francisco, California 94103